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There are lots of ways to join Lauren’s online studio. Choose the plan that is right for you. Here’s why you want to join:

    • Lauren is a renowned educator who crafted this curriculum over years of experience teaching in her studio and across the globe. She knows how to teach.


    • You’ll learn more than the tunes. Each lesson includes ear training, easy explanations of chord progressions, examples of how to create your own variations on the melodies, and a jam video so you can practice your new skills.


    • There are a hundred videos on theory for your fingerboard and your bow arm. Learn how to practice scales, arpeggios, chords, grooves and most importantly, how to use them in your playing.


All access monthly subscription

Access to entire site—over 450 videos. Great for students trying the site out for the first time. See what it’s all about!

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Individual lessons

Life long access to the tune(s) of your choice. Each tune has around 45 minutes of video lessons . When you’re ready for another tune, you can decide to buy another lesson, or choose to access ALL the lessons with a subscription plan.

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Six Months Subscription

Perfect for those who know they want to learn and practice with Lauren on a regular basis. Makes a great gift for the fiddler in your life.

$150.00 for 6 months Sign Up Now

Twelve Months Subscription

You are making an excellent commitment to your instrument. Ideal for motivating yourself to work on your musicianship AND the most cost-effective option.

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