Say Darlin’ Say single lesson


A sweet tune, with only three phrases, and three chords. I like to use this one to work on lyric writing in my studio. These verses come in couplets. You could write a line 1 and a line 2 (which rhymes with 1) and then line 3, is always “Say Darlin’ Say.” Your next couplet starts out with your previous line 2, then you write something that rhymes with that line and finish it off with “Say Darlin’ Say.”
Here’s an example written by my student Claire Scott.
“If I had a dollar to spend for you
I would buy love for two
Say Darlin’ Say
I would buy love for two
But only if you’d say ‘I do’
Say Darlin’ Say”

This lesson includes 7 videos: Demo, Learning the tune part 1, Learning the tune part 2, Variations, Chords, Harmony, Jam. Total lesson time is 20 minutes.

Note that video lessons are not downloadable. You can watch them right here on, no download required!

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