Whiskey Before Breakfast single lesson


An absolute classic. Full of scales and thirds, and even a piece of Liberty’s melody hidden in the B part. This tune introduces the ii (two) chord and a chord progression that’s most often used for descending scales. This tune can be a ‘jam buster’ if you don’t know the chord progression for the B part. I’m on a personal quest to make sure my students can remember 1 5 4 1 4 1 5 1. Help me out!

(As a fun note—I’m listening to Prairie Home Companion right now, and the tune that the guest band (Nickel Creek) and the fabulous house band are signing off with is Whiskey Before Breakfast. I love a good coincidence, and a good tune!)

This lesson includes 6 videos: Demo, Learning the tune, Tune run-through, Chords, Variations, Jam. Total lesson time is 43 minutes.

Note that video lessons are not downloadable. You can watch them right here on JamWithLauren.com, no download required!

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