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The Gift of Music

December 3, 2014

It is truly winter here in Maine, and I’m writing you bundled up in my quilt with a cup of tea to stay cozy. One of the many things I love about the holidays is catching up and checking in with loved ones. Music has given me a huge network of friends and I’m so grateful for you. In the spirit of the season, I have gifts for you!

First: If you’re a current member of Jam With Lauren, you’ll find a FREE DOWNLOAD of a track I just recorded with my husband Sten, our friend Amanda, and two of my students on the downloads page. We performed a beautiful 4-part vocal round and then we bust into a great old time tune called Breaking Up Christmas. I hope you enjoy warming up your hearts with this track- it was so fun to record!

What if you’re not a current member and you’d like the track? You can still get it! Two ways: Renew your membership (that would be a good choice) or head on over to and you can download from there.

Second: NEW LESSONS have been posted! This month’s tune is in Cross A, where you tune your G + D strings up a step, so your fiddle is a giant A chord. I’ll teach you how tune your fiddle up, and to play Breaking Up Christmas in this new tuning. Just in time for you to break up the 12 days of Christmas by jamming, singing, and dancing the nights away. Watch for more lessons in the new year.

Third: We’re offering GIFT CERTIFICATES. Because, well, that’s just the thing to do these days. Here’s the cool part: Gift certificates are $25 for a month’s subscription to (save $5) and if current members give gift certificates to friends, they’ll receive $5 off their next month’s subscription. Example: Cosmos is signed up for JamWithLauren and wants to give two people the gift of lessons with Lauren (GREAT idea, BTW). He buys two gift certificates, and for the next two months, he’ll get $5 off his own subscription. Pretty cool, right? Gift certificates to JamWithLauren would also be a great idea for YOURSELVES. Go ahead and drop some big hints to your family.

Stay warm! Keep music in your hearts, and remember that I’m Thankful for You.

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